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Why you shouldn’t count out accountability charts


I’ve heard a lot of negative opinions when it comes to accountability charts. You know, the little charts that parents use to make sure that their children brushes their teeth every day by having someone put a sticker on the corresponding day? To many, these charts are considered a way of guilt tripping others into doing certain things.

We started this little scheme earlier this semester on my wing, this time it was for reading your Bible. No one was forced to participate, and we bought a ton of fun stickers. These accountability charts are displayed on the wall right outside my dorm room. So every day I walk by and see who is being consistent and who isn’t.

I have never been very good at reading my Bible since discovering my faith 6 years ago, but I have always wanted to work at getting closer to God through His word. So when we put up the chart, I signed up hoping that peer pressure would remind me to at least read a few verses a day. I know this sounds like the accountability chart that I described above, but really it turned into more of an eye opening experience to me. It isn’t a shame chart, or at least I didn’t take it that way.

The accountability chart was an eye opening experience because I got to see how inconsistent I was, and also see how my wing mates were working on their commitment to read every day with me. I did not feel shammed into reading my Bible every day, I was inspired. I could see the girls who read diligently, giving me a benchmark of where I want to be. I could see the people who, like me, struggled with finding time in the day to commit to reading. I felt more human because I could remember that not everyone is perfect, and everyone that I know is at a different stage of her faith. So no, I would not call the accountability chart a shame chart. Today I would call it inspiration, and every day I hope to call it progress because the more time I spend in His word, the more I will understand and the more that I will grow. So don’t count out the accountability chart just yet, because it could represent a whole lot more than a little bit of shame.

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