9 Reasons for Getting Married Young

Photo cred: Majesty Photo

Photo cred: Majesty Photo

By: Abbie Amiotte

A lot of people have compared my getting married as a twenty year old junior in college to leaving the party at 8 pm. I just want to put this deception in its place. Actually, marriage is a party, and a really, really fun one at that. So, here are my top nine reasons for getting married young (and still in college).

I have a live-in, private cheerleader.

Sure, your roommate may be great at encouraging you to do your homework, but mine? Mine doesn’t have any homework of his own, so he can spend all of his time encouraging me to do mine. He reads my papers, asks me what I learned in class, and helps me study for my Spanish quiz.

I don’t have to eat cafeteria food.

This can be a negative too as I am forced to cook my own meals. But is my homemade lasagna a treat compared to that mystery meat you ate for dinner? Oh yeah. (And I have a husband who is nice enough to do the dishes).

No closed-dorm hours.

That was always the worst. My boyfriend and I are in the middle of some deep conversation when the alarm goes off, and he better get out of my room quickly. Now, we can hang out whenever. We can stay up all night, make popcorn, and watch entire seasons of Lost (not that we do that very often or anything…).

I have a slumber party every night with my best friend.

I wake up in the middle of the night with a bad dream? There are some strong arms right there waiting for me. I think of something funny? He doesn’t mind me waking him up and telling him. I realize that college roomies are a lot like this, but even my best girl-friend got a little upset when I would wake her up in the morning. My hubby can’t get too mad cause he is stuck with me.

I don’t have to have a “real” job.

For now, my job is a student. And let’s be honest, compared to my husband’s 8-5 job, it’s really not all that time consuming. And I’m married to a really awesome and smart guy that provides for me. So, I get to take care of my husband, my house, and my puppy. Oh yeah that reminds me…


abbie and brett's puppy











Let’s just all appreciate this one for a second. A puppy. He lives with me. And he is precious.

I get to grow up with someone that’s committed to growing old with me.

We are both young and still figuring out our lives, forming our habits, becoming adults. It’s great to know that I’m forming those habits with the same person that will be doing them with me for the rest of my life. That sounds a whole lot easier than doing this whole adult thing on my own for a while and then trying to figure out how to live with somebody else who has also been doing the whole adult thing for a while.

I don’t have to worry about that cute boy in _____ class.

I’m all done with the awkward dating scene. No more heartbreak. No more worry. And as someone who used to love trying to find love, I got to say, being married is way more fun.

I get to see a God-fearing man in action every day.

After I left home, I really missed watching my dad live life. He is an amazing example of what a godly husband and father should look like, and I missed getting to experience his influence when I was away at college. I’m grateful that God blessed me with another man in my life that also loves Jesus fiercely, and I get to hang out with him all the time! How cool is that?


4 thoughts on “9 Reasons for Getting Married Young

  1. DeAnn Bearheels says:

    I love you, my daughter in law, for loving my son as I have for 23 yrs of his life. He is an amazing man! I love and cherish you both, and Baby Andy!

  2. Marne says:

    Well said! I’m not married as of yet, but I totally agree with you! It’s sad that the culture sells us this lie that we shouldn’t get married so young. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kyle Nieft says:

    Excellent article! I like the fact that you took the time to dispell such a terrible popular cocept!

  4. Julia says:

    I was married at age 19 and we are celebrating our 22nd anniversary this week. ❤ I'll add a 10th reason I enjoyed being married young: our first children. My little ones and I had a ton of fun doing crazy stuff while I was only in my 20's.

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