Singing While Sleeping

By: Justine Johnson


Singing while sleeping. This phrase popped into my head as I was walking down the dirt road that runs through the ranch camp I am working at this summer. The poetic flow of alliteration soothes the soul and indicates a fantastic dream, if nothing else. But it is so much more than pretty words and uncontrolled off-key melodies. There is a lack of human control which can only point to the complexity of a God-breathed brain.

The difference between songs composed during the day and those that are written while we are sleeping is that there is a different author. In the proverbial daylight of each person’s existence, the pen is snatched from its rightful place and is claimed by those who are inexperienced in their harmonies or unoriginal in their rhythms.  If the composition begins after the metaphorical sun disappears around the horizon, the Writer of every great symphony gently wraps His fingers around the pen to begin the perfect process.

A decision to be made presents the time for a lyric to be composed. I have attempted to create my own songs during my waking hours far too many times in my life. When I am awake, I tend to claim supposed “control” over the pen that should be held by a Hand much steadier than mine. In reality, my Jesus is simply waiting for my sun to set so that He can reclaim His rightful place as the Author of my life.

So what?

Jesus Christ does not sleep, nor does He depend on earthly time for His works. He does, however, speak life into our hopes and dreams when we hand Him the pen that belonged to Him all along. As difficult as it can be for a writer to relinquish their treasured utensil, the only way to build a proper love relationship with Jesus is to allow Him creative freedom. After all, He created that too.

The day is yours, and yours also the night; you established the sun and moon.~Psalm 74:16


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