Greasy Water

A dishwasher's nightmare.

A dishwasher’s nightmare.

By: Justine Johnson

My family has never had a dishwasher installed in our house. Well, actually my Dad loves to quip that we have three dishwashers named Justine, Michael, and Natalie. (We are not amused.) Consequently, my siblings and I have been living up to our name for over ten years.

My least favorite part of doing the dishes has always been the pots and pans containing the remnants of cooked hamburger. These greasy specimens still create a deep dread in my belly. I nearly always forget to wash these last, so I end up transforming the once-sudsy hot water into brown, tepid liquid. These situations are guaranteed to end with me draining the sink to rid it of the filthy water in order to finish the dishes. Grease doesn’t dissolve, folks.

Often I catch myself living as if my sins were washed away with greasy water. I dwell on the leftover hamburger in my life and resign myself to air drying while being stacked upon dozens of plates, cups, and plastic containers—just like my Mom’s massive non-stick skillet. I’m simply one more dish in the pile that will probably have to be rewashed the next morning when Mom discovers that one of us didn’t scrub well enough.

We talk about being washed in the blood of the Lamb. Why are we acting as if our cleansing was done with lukewarm dishwater?

It is easy for me to forget that God only had to do the dishes once. His Hands were gentle—He certainly didn’t use gloves to protect Himself. He used a scrunchy to remove any tough spots, but He knew exactly when to switch to a dishcloth to softly purge the fragile parts. Not only that, but He hand-dried each one of us and placed us in the cupboard where He could use us when our purpose arrived. The King of all kings stepped off of His throne to become the ultimate servant; no grease spot called sin could keep Him from doing the job well.

We talk about being washed in the blood of the Lamb. Why are we acting as if our cleansing was done with lukewarm dishwater? I’m pretty sure God is a better housekeeper than that. If our trust is in Jesus Christ, then His grace has given our china surfaces a new polish that will never wear or crack.

No more greasy water. We are clean and ready to be placed at the Master’s unimaginably wonderful feast.


One thought on “Greasy Water

  1. Dee Johnson says:

    Oh, so true!! Our Lord is the perfect balance between love and justice.

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