As I Lay Dying vocalist accused of hiring hit man. (Maybe the name wasn’t convincing enough?)

Not at all intimidating...right?

Not at all intimidating…right?

By: Justine Johnson

Tim Lambesis, the lead vocalist of As I Lay Dying, Pyrithion and Austrian Death Machine, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly seeking a hit man’s help in murdering his estranged wife.

Regardless of whether or not you recognize the names of those bands, the shock factor still comes into play. I found out about it through Indie Vision Music, the Christian music site that I follow almost obsessively. The comment feed immediately exploded.

Some people simply said “Wow, so sad.” Others posted poorly-punctuated, judgmental rants about how Tim is in a Christian band and should be leading by example. About two-thirds of the responses reminded everyone that we need to be praying for Tim.

Out of all the words my brain filtered through, there was one comment that really stuck out to me the most. A reader named “JoeyLJ” posted:

We are all capable of doing horrible things, being the lead singer in a “Christian” band doesn’t change that.

Whether or not this is true, the one thing Tim needs right now is prayer and support, either that the evidence of his innocence will surface, or if he IS guilty, that he may seek redemption. His family is also in dire need of support, I can’t even imagine what they are thinking right now.

Christians mess up too, folks. Just because this guy is in a Christian band does not make him more likely to live a moral existence. Also, keep in mind that this accusation has not been proven as of yet and there is a chance that he is innocent. Until Tim is convicted of the crime, we should refrain from passing judgment.

Oh, and we should definitely be praying for this guy, his family and his band mates. They’ve got a long road ahead of them.


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