Stop Being “Logical”

“Logic” and “Facebook timelines” don’t really mix.

By: Abbie Goldschmid

I thought hell would freeze over long before I would ever tell people to stop using logic in their Facebook posts, but that day has come as a result of my News Feed.

Just stop people.

Stop coming up with “logical” explanations for why your moral compass points the way it does. There is nothing logical about it. Some Christians will read versus in the Bible and determine that they are no longer culturally relevant or their context changes the meaning or any number of other explanations to determine that they are not true. Others will find this to be a horrendous mistake, borderline heretical and without a doubt as sinful as the sin they are accepting. Is there a logical explanation for why two God-fearing, competent adults will arise at two different conclusions? No. You might say it has to do with one being right and the other wrong, but I would still say no. They just happen to be different.

The logic train has long ago crashed and burned on the subject of gay marriage. “Traditional” marriage (the “way God intended” when He made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve [or so I’m told]), isn’t so traditional when we look it straight in the face. Solomon had what…300 wives? That doesn’t sound so traditional. Mary was probably 13 when she got married AND had a kid; that’s pretty frowned upon these days. Women were bought and sold as a means to secure peace, fortune, and happiness no matter how dreadful their new circumstances would be. Mail order brides, arranged marriages, inter-family marriages, the list goes on and on. “Traditional” marriages may have been between men and women, but that doesn’t mean matrimonial history hasn’t morphed along the way. Maybe you think it should stop morphing, but stop acting like it hasn’t in the past.

And it comes from the other side too. This “unequal” treatment idea that keeps floating around is a bit misleading. In fact, a homosexual does have the same rights as a heterosexual. Neither is allowed to marry someone of the same sex. While this comes back to the very nature of the argument (should both those that are heterosexual and those that are homosexual be allowed to marry someone of the same sex), technically everyone is already equal. You’re allowed to debate whether “equality” is really what you want in this situation, but stop using “unequal” treatment as a logical argument. Everything is equal, and perhaps that is the problem.

Moral of the story? Exactly. It comes down to your morals. Your opinion on homosexuality is simply based on what you believe to be an ethical way to live life. It doesn’t have to do with some logical argument that is deeply rooted in fact, because fact is so subjective in this case.

Some people say children grow up better in two parent homes in which one is male and one is female. Well then, outlaw single mothers and fathers. Some say that the main purpose of marriage is to have children, and therefore legalizing gay marriage would be harmful to society. And in response some would argue that we should keep people over 50 from getting married and everyone has to take a fertility test before getting hitched.

There are arguments and responses, and this is the reason no one seems able to convince anyone else because you can’t. You can’t shift someone’s moral compass by simply saying yours is right. Acknowledge that your opinion is what you believe to be moral. Acknowledge that they believe what they think is moral. And then put the issue to a vote. That’s the beautiful thing about democracy; no one has to be a “real” winner to win.


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