Confessions of a Control Freak: Me

By: Abbie Goldschmid

They say acknowledgment is the first step in recovery. Hopefully that’s true since I’m acknowledging myself all over the internet. I am a control freak. There I said it. Let the healing begin.

Control Freak: Noun. A person who feels an obsessive need to excise control and to take command of any situation.

I never thought I would actually call myself that. I thought about picking a different title, something more original, but then I realized that was just me trying to take control of the system. Oops.

And now here’s the best part: you get a front row seat to my journey as a control freak as I look back on my life and discover all the places where I was just a bit obsessive about taking the lead in a few situations. (Ok, maybe not just a FEW).

Carl Rogers described communication as a form of therapy. So, you all have just become my free therapists. Congratulations. I look forward to a beautiful friendship blossoming between us.

Check out the blog next week for our first session: dating. (Who doesn’t love love?)


One thought on “Confessions of a Control Freak: Me

  1. Definitely have control freak tendencies too. Looking forward to this 🙂

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