Five (Dubious) Spiritual Takeaways from The Hobbit

By Jon Meerdink

Full disclosure: I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet. I’m sure it’s awesome and everything, but all I’ve been able to see so far is the trailer.

However, I don’t think that disqualifies me from weighing in on the obvious spiritual aspects of the…trailer. Right. Yeah. So here are five things that the trailer told me.

1. Friends are important.

Everyone knows that friends are super important. But how about friends that can use swords and ride horses and shoot arrows and stuff? Those friends are mega-super important. They’re like the best friends. If none of your friends could shoot an arrow, and suddenly you made one that did, they’d be your best friend by default, right? Right. That’s probably why David and Jonathan were such good friends.

2. People who call you “Precious” are not to be trusted.

I don’t care what your mother, aunt or grandma calls you. “Precious” is not a nickname that engenders trust. Plus, people who whisper almost exclusively are surely up to no good. I’m pretty sure that’s what Satan was doing when he tempted Eve in Genesis. So this one counts as two takeaways, technically: 1) Precious = bad and 2) exclusive whispering = bad

3. Friends will sometimes say things behind your back.

Sure, Bilbo didn’t exactly know that Gandalf and Thorin were kind of wheeling and dealing under the table, but it’s all good. I’m pretty sure he [spoiler alert] eventually comes back to The Shire with tons of gold and a pretty amazing shirt of armor, so anything they were saying really helped him in the long run. Just make sure those friends aren’t trying to betray you or anything, I guess.

4. Life is an adventure.

I can pretty much guarantee that an adventure will never come knocking at your door the way Gandalf showed up out of the blue and took Bilbo away on a fantastic journey. But I can tell you that learning to appreciate the wonder in every day life is part of what makes every day awesome. It’s impossible to call every day an adventure, because sometimes you just have to go to the DMV, but in general, life is a pretty epic tale. Make sure you’re living in such a way that reflects that.

5. I want to see The Hobbit.

Sorry, no more takeaways. This is just true.


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