Tested By Praise

By: Jon Meerdink

Without turning this into a humblebrag type situation, I got a fairly good-sized blog-related honor this week. In addition to my work here on Cardboard, I also maintain a Green Bay Packers blog on my own (which, in a weird twist of fate, uses the same template as this blog). On Tuesday, I got an email from the folks at WordPress saying they were planning to feature one of my recent posts on the WordPress “Freshly Pressed” page, a daily collection of what they call the best of WordPress.

Obviously I was pretty excited. When you’re an unknown writer working out of a basement (the unofficial dwelling place of all bloggers) any exposure you can get is pretty fantastic. But this is a whole different level. Rather than just constantly bugging my friends to go and read my stuff, someone else was going to be bringing literally hundreds of brand new people to the blog, and boy did they show up. I usually bring in about 50 hits a day to the site, but Wednesday, over 500 people came and read what I had to say.

Again, I was pretty excited. But as soon as I started to think about how great it was that I was getting such good exposure, a relatively obscure Bible verse suddenly popped into my head:

“The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but man is tested by the praise he receives.” -Proverbs 27:21

Was I being tested? I’d say so. More than ever before, people were telling me how much they liked my site and what I had to say. It gets pretty intoxicating real fast if you’re not used to hearing it, and I certainly am not.

But ask any politician or public figure. It’s not always about what happens to you, so much as how you react to it. As Christians, I think we need to make sure our first reaction to positive happenings in our lives needs to be thankful praise to God.

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