First world problems: Five regrettable college complaints

Admit it: you’ve thought it.

By: Andrew Lovgren

First world problems are all around us. I’m hungry, but I don’t want to leave my room. This show stinks, but I can’t reach the remote. 3G.

Whatever they may be, these complaints signify a lack of satisfaction, although they are sometimes made in jest, knowing how minor the problems truly are in the scheme of things. Instead of counting blessings, most students find themselves wallowing in self-pity at some point or another.

College is a time to enjoy oneself, a time to grow academically, personally and spiritually. In order to get the most out of this exciting time, it’s important to appreciate all aspects of the experience. Constant complaining gets in the way of that venture.

Here are five common complaints that can be found in status updates, texts, tweets and around campus.

I have to do homework

That’s kind of the point of college. Homework, be it papers, worksheets, research or anything else, is an integral part of classwork, which is why you’re at college.

Homework can take over a college schedule, especially papers and tests during peak times during a semester. Even so, time spent on Facebook complaining about how much you have to do can go a long way in completing said assignments.

Tedious, pointless assignments are a drag on the college experience, but an education is the reason for being there. Best to make it a priority.

Cafeteria food is terrible

It’s not. The absolute luxury of having several choices served without preparation or cleanup is lost on college students until it’s gone.

No matter what the quality (to a degree), the beauty of the on-campus dining is something that will be missed upon graduation. Take the time to enjoy it.

I’m tired, and class is early

Classes at 7 a.m. aren’t ever going to be fun, but the worst of it is going to bed early to compensate, missing the joy of dorm life.

It’s time to make a choice: be tired and stay up late or go to bed and be rested. There isn’t a right or wrong choice, unless you expect both and let everyone know just how hard your life is because of it.

Class is far away

Students at larger colleges, especially those living off-campus, may have some credence here, but those who have a dreaded 10-minute walk across campus isn’t the end of the world.

When the real-world rears it’s ugly head and each morning means an hour commute, a short walk to class sounds dreamy.

A rain storm, blizzard or just terrible cold can make for a trek worth dreading, but bundle up, it’s going to be ok.

I’m busy

Everyone is, to a degree. Busy becomes an excuse that dominates the college experience. Between classes, a social life, extra-curricular and employment, a schedule fills up quickly.

But if you’re spending several hours a night leveling up your Orc Mage or watching 10+ episodes of Friends, busy shouldn’t be a word out of your mouth.

Where do you struggle with complaining? What complaints are you sick of hearing around the dorm?


4 thoughts on “First world problems: Five regrettable college complaints

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  2. danielunekis says:

    First world complaints that start with, “I didn’t pay $28,000 to go to school where…..” Fill in the blank.
    The lettuce isn’t shredded
    The dorm T.V. isn’t in HD.
    I get charged for printing.
    I have to park a block off campus my freshman year…

  3. callietheapocalypse says:

    I’m not in college, but my high school has several buildings. So yes, there is a lot of complaint about moving.
    I left my bag somewhere; Where could it be in this whole school where I go to 9 different rooms per day?!
    OMG,my teacher HATES me!
    I have a resource; I’m so BORED!!!
    Why do only freshman have to wash the boards?
    We don’t get charged to use the printer, but we’re charged $.15 to use the copy machine

  4. dietofstars says:

    I think that the complaints I hear most often are about reading/homework. I procrastinate often, but that’s my fault, and I know this. I pay my school to make me think, I can’t complain about professors doing their jobs.
    Now that’s not claiming that I am a saint, I just like to read and learn.

    See, if I’m asked to do a physical chore (that I’ve not decided on by myself), I’m a complaining machine. I try to remind myself that I’m not going to be this young and spry forever, but the future is an abstract concept.

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