A church of MMA fighters exists. Because of course it does.

By: Tom Westerholm

I present, without introduction, the preview for “Fight Church.”

This documentary has reached its Kickstarter goal of $30,000, and quite frankly, I’m excited. Not because I like MMA fighting (I don’t), nor because I like documentaries (I absolutely do), but because I think it will raise some interesting questions.

Take this quote for example, from someone who clearly works within the church: “People would say ‘Jesus told everyone to turn the other cheek’…and I would be very quick to say that this probably isn’t the church for you.”

So, to be clear, he would be very quick to tell you that if you believe in a teaching that Jesus was pretty explicit about, then this isn’t the church for you? Yeeesh.

Another example: early in the clip, a fighter says “I want to create a relationship with the person I’m fighting and introduce Christ to him” right before he and the opposing fighter exchange blows to each other’s groins, both curling up on the floor in pain. “Hey Mike, you hear about this Jesus fellow? He’s pretty cool. He died for your sins *knees Mike in the crotch* and he has GIVEN ME THE AUTHORITY TO BUST YOUR BALLS.”

I might be a little bitter because I would get consistently whooped if I attended this church, but I have a hard time imagining how these people will reconcile their faith and their practices. But as always, I’m prepared to be wrong. Most of all, though, I’m prepared to watch. Let’s do this thing.


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