Sick of Being a Christian?

by Tyler Lehmann

Do you ever have those days when you get sick of being a Christian?

You know, when smiling at church becomes a chore, when you feel like God has forgotten about you, or when you just keep asking yourself what’s the point?

Last Sunday was one of those days for me. Sitting in church, I had zero desire to take the sermon to heart. All I could think about was getting out of there.

Is this sounding familiar to you—this disinterest in God? The truth is, no matter how “strong” we are as Christians, we’re all bound to feel like this at some time or another. That’s because we live in a largely un-Christian world, and it takes a toll on us.

I was in rough shape Sunday morning, but that evening I was given a surprise reminder of the joy that lives in Christ.

Sunday night I took photos at a small concert as part of an internship I have with an arts organization in my community. The band was one I had never heard before, a local duo who bill themselves as Sheldon and Lynda.

The concert started much like I expected, a mix of country and bluegrass. But then, something happened that I didn’t expect . . . Sheldon and Lynda started busting out gospel and worship songs.

I’m not sure why I was so impacted by their music—I’ve heard those same songs dozens of times before. Yet there was something so refreshing and nourishing about that evening. Maybe it was because my “God tank” was empty. Maybe it was because of how unexpected it was. I think it was probably a little of each.

When the concert ended, I left with two lessons impressed upon me. First, that we need spiritual sustainment from God. Without it, you end up disgruntled and indifferent like I was in church. The second lesson is that this sustainment isn’t always where we’re looking for it. I arrived at that concert without any idea of what was going to happen.

But after all, God is God over all creation, so of course he’s going to use different parts of it to speak to us. If you’re feeling like I was in church last Sunday, try seeking God in different areas of your life, and be patient. As Sheldon and Lynda taught me, God doesn’t forget about us, he just works in ways that we don’t always expect.


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