God of the Animals

By Kati Heng

I spent this past Saturday at the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, and it renewed my spirits.

Something about animals brings out the best in me. I became a little girl once again as I raced between exhibits of lions and tigers, waved at the orangutans, and dragged my friends to hurry up to see the polar bears.

Some of us see God in other people, and I do too (mainly when people are being kind or childlike or innocent), but I see God reflected in animals at all times. In animals, I see the best of God’s creation. From the race-machine cheetahs, to the bone-crushing hippos, or home-making beavers, even the who-knows-how-to-categorize-it platypus, our God has created hundreds of thousands of brilliant creatures.

Animal (and irony) lover that I am, the final chapters of Job have always been some of my favorite sections of the Bible. Like this passage from Job 38:39-41: “Can you hunt food for the lion? Can you fill the hunger of the young lions, 40 when they lie in their own place in the rock, or wait in their hiding place? 41 Who gets the food ready for the raven, when its young cry to God and go about without food?

Sure, we’ve figured out ways to move lions to the Midwest and teach them to be satisfied with chunks of hamburger for dinner. But who created that lion? We couldn’t create it from scratch. And if you left me out in the safari, the only food I’d be able to get that lion is my own guts. But God has been feeding the lions for centuries! He’s the one who created antelope and gazelles and everything else the lioness may hunt.

Our God is pretty incredible, and I know I’m not the only one out there who sees the majesty of God in animals. What animal reminds YOU of God’s awesomeness?


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