Same-Sex Marriage: A Christian Liberal View

Editor’s note: This is the third in a three part series, discussing President Obama’s decision to support same-sex marriage from three different Christian political viewpoints.

I’ll keep this fairly brief and easy. Here are 10 random thoughts from a liberal perspective on President Obama’s big decision.

  • First, the logistics: marriage is both a religious AND a civil institution. Since we as a country give exclusive rights to married people, we can’t deny any group of people those rights based on the fact that their acts are “sinful.”
  • Besides, if we denied people the right to get married because they were “sinners,” none of us would be able to get married.
  • I have yet to be convinced in ANY way that same-sex marriages represent any kind of a threat to traditional marriages, and if you believe that to be true, I find your opinion a little ridiculous. If you are a guy and you don’t want to marry a guy, don’t marry him.
  • It’s interesting to me that this is considered such a divisive issue. Have you noticed how similar the opinions expressed before this one were? Is it possible that we think we are farther apart on the issue of same-sex marriage than we actually are?
  • Is President Obama’s use of the word “evolve” in his decision to back same-sex marriage one of the best verbal trolls of the year?

Is President Obama’s use of the word “evolve” in his decision to back same-sex marriage one of the best verbal trolls of the year?

  • For the record, I hate homophobia. But I also really don’t like when liberals write off conservative opinions, assuming that they are all backwater rednecks. When liberals do that, they are exhibiting the exact same level of judgment.
  • If an individual church doesn’t want to allow same-sex marriage within its walls, that’s their decision. But the institution of marriage itself shouldn’t legally be denied to anyone.
  • Jesus never ever ever ever ever EVER says ANYTHING about homosexuality, same-sex marriage, or any issue of sexual orientation. Seriously. Go look it up. Oh, and trust me: He doesn’t hate fags.
  • The clearest Bible verse in the New Testament against homosexuality is in Romans 1, written by the same man who declared that women should not be involved in the church and supported slavery. I’m not saying that we should ignore what Paul says, far from it. Just that we should take his words with a grain of salt, and a large helping of context.
  • Finally, I have long believed that any sort of phobia, whether the fear of spiders or the fear of homosexuality, stems from lack of exposure. I think the solution to homophobia is simple: if you hate gay people, find a gay person, sit down, and talk to him or her. See how long your hatred lasts. For that matter, if you hate black people, white people, Latinos, or Asians, do the exact same thing. It’s funny how unfocused hatred fades away when you put a face on it.

3 thoughts on “Same-Sex Marriage: A Christian Liberal View

  1. Steve says:

    “Personal sin” can be illegal in instances like suicide, prostitution and drug use. Buuut, i still agree with you.

  2. Sad that you have fallen way from your first love to become a heretical blasphemer of the word of God. You made mention that the only clear verses against homosexuality in the New Testiment ar in Romans 1. Well it is Romans 1:26-32 and not only does it condemn homosexuality in any form, but the same condemnation is for those who support it’s acts and those who live this immoral lifestyle. You have not only sin against God by violation of His commandments, but become a stumbling block to the people of God. These are the times prophecies by Jesus and unless you and those that have been led astray by your false doctrine repent while God is near, they will be cut down in the reaping and cast into the fire to burn…….

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