Same-Sex Marriage: The Christian Conservative View

Editor’s note: This is the second in a three part series, discussing President Obama’s decision to support same-sex marriage from three different Christian political viewpoints. The author of this article requested anonymity due to the public nature of his job and the controversial nature of the topic.

Obama is not under any compulsion to govern the country in a “Christian” way

So President Obama supports gay marriage. A cynical person might note that it’s convenient that he announced his newly evolved in an election year, knowing that his political opponent would be forced to publicly take a position opposite his own…coincidentally on the day a state made the unpopular move to ban gay marriage causing a groundswell of support in the opposite direction.

That’s what a cynical person would say.

But the important question here isn’t whether or not Barack Obama should endorse gay marriage or not…it’s what we, as Christians, should do about it. So what should we do?

As a conservative Christian, I oppose gay marriage. The subject confuses me in some ways and frustrates me in others, but as I read the Bible, I don’t see how we can get around what it teaches about homosexuality. I don’t necessarily understand why God chose to write it the way he did, but that’s what the Bible says, and we have to choose to live by it or not. Those who choose the homosexual lifestyle, to me, would seem to be living in conflict with what God has said.

So when I see the President of the United States publicly endorse something that I believe is contrary to what God says, it frustrates me. I’d rather see the country governed in such a way that reflects what I believe. But here’s the thing: at this point in the political journey of this country, I don’t think we can seriously make the argument that our government is under any compulsion to govern in a “Christian” way. Given the way the country has been run in my relatively brief lifetime, it’s pretty clear that Washington has abandoned any pretext of operating under a moral code remotely in alignment with what I see as biblical Christianity. With that in mind, I don’t think I have a right to take the President to task on this issue based on moral grounds.

What can we do, then? I think we have three tasks ahead.

  • Quit being surprised when the government does something contrary to what the Bible teaches. We need to get past the point where we’re morally outraged at a government body that doesn’t share our beliefs and doesn’t plan on sharing them any time soon. We’ve lost the ability to discuss on that ground. Let’s get past it.
  • Make a point of electing officials that do share our beliefs. Find out which issues mean the most to you, and only vote for the ones who share your beliefs. Voting records are pretty easily available and with the news media being the way it is, you shouldn’t have a terribly difficult time finding who believes what on any given issue. Find the ones you like and do what you can to get them in office and keep them there.
  • Keep having honest, Biblically based conversations, both with people that agree with us and those that disagree. It’s incumbent on each of us to know what our Bibles say, whether we agree with it or not. Get in the Bible, find out what it says and talk about it. Learn what other people have to say, and get ready to defend your position. You’ll find that you’re better equipped to have a discussion on a specific issue when you actually know what’s going on and have something to add to the conversation.

Above all (and yes, this is a fourth thing), just be ready. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of this world and make sure you can stand strong against it, because I guarantee it’s going to get crazier than the President endorsing gay marriage.


One thought on “Same-Sex Marriage: The Christian Conservative View

  1. Steve says:

    I like that you write “We need to get past the point where we’re morally outraged at a government body that doesn’t share our beliefs and doesn’t plan on sharing them any time soon.” I totally agree. I get bummed all the time that Christian politicians have no problem bombing and killing their neighbors. I get bummed that Christian politicians don’t support social programs that house, feed, and clothe the least of these. I get bummed all the time that Christian politicians don’t warmly invite the alien into their home. I get bummed when the Christian politician tells me that same-sex marriage and abortion are the only two issues that are secularizing our country.

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