Act Organic, Buy Smart

Do you NEED an organic Kermit the Frog mini-wallet?

These days, it’s easy being green.

More and more companies are marketing their products as “organic,” “environmentally friendly,” “made from recycled products,” or the very cliché term “green.”

You can buy designer t-shirts made from hemp or purses made from used juice-boxes. You can buy organic- grown lettuce and learn on which farm the chicken you’re about to have for dinner grew up.

In our consumer culture, it has become easier to buy for the planet than to care for it. It has become easier to use our disposable income to buy things we don’t necessarily need, simply because of that ‘green’ label. And while this isn’t a bad trend, there are ways can do green more effectively:


  • DO recycle. Save items instead of throwing them away, and make trips to a recycling center if trucks don’t come to your house.
  • DON’T buy ‘green’ things you don’t need. Do you need that clock made from old pencils, or another shirt made with organic cotton? If you do, great, but if not, think about all the packaging, gas, and cardboard that will be used to bring that item to you and reconsider if the goods are worth it.
  • DO take alternative transportation. Biking, walking, or rollerblade whenever you can. It’s good for the planet and good for you.
  • DON’T buy organic fruits and veggies. Besides being more expensive and free from pesticides that can be removed with a quick wash before eating, there’s little difference between organic fruits and veggies and their cheaper counterparts. Instead, buy local fruits and vegetables when available. Check your local paper to find farmer’s markets near you.
  • DON’T buy green to avoid guilt.


Kati Heng


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