As college students, relaxation is very important.

We’ve come to a point in our lives of almost-adulthood. Perhaps we can legally call ourselves adults, but we’re transitioning – from high school to college, from our parents’ house to our first apartment, from dating to marriage… We’re transitioning, and we’re busy – with school, work, and life in general. So busy, sometimes, that we neglect important things. Important things like sleeping, showering, or feeding ourselves regularly. With everything we have to do, we sometimes hardly have time to breathe, let alone relax.

According a British health and fitness website, “Relaxation is important in our lives as it helps to keep our stress levels down, and consequently improves our health. Too much work and not enough time out can result in mental health problems, memory failure and even heart attack.” This site suggests taking at least ten minutes a day to unwind and relax.

This is exciting, because it means you and I don’t have to go too far out of our way to make sure we get in a little mental health maintenance daily. The problem then becomes finding a good relaxing activity.

I would recommend avoiding the internet and television as forms of relaxation. I have found that, for me, recreational reading or hand-writing letters are both wonderfully relaxing. If neither of those strike you as particularly stress-relieving or mood-lifting, that’s okay. What is important, though, is for you to find a way to release stress and allow yourself to relax. Maybe that means jogging across campus, visiting a secondhand store, or locking yourself in a practice room until you can’t stand the sound of your instrument anymore. Whatever it is, find out what de-stresses you, and make time to do it regularly.

Natalie Church


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