The Beginning

Dear Reader,

I could tell you about Cardboard Magazine’s excellent writing. I could tell you how we integrate our faith into our articles in stimulating, exciting and thought-provoking ways. I could tell you about our heart for missions and our passion for spreading the Good News in a way that is both considerate and accepting, as well as articulate. I could say that for you, as a college student, Cardboard is a group of your peers, with interests and perspectives similar to your own. All of these things would be true.

But I won’t get into that.

Instead, I’ll tell you about my favorite aspect of Cardboard. You see, Cardboard Magazine exists for many reasons, but one of the biggest is to tell intelligent Christians like yourself that you aren’t alone.

Strangely enough, you aren’t the only Christian wondering if getting a tattoo violates God’s commandments somehow. You aren’t the only Christian trying to work through conflicted opinions on homosexuals getting married. You aren’t the only Christian looking for the best way to take the word of God and integrate it into your life. You aren’t the only Christian wondering if you are doing something wrong in the process.

You are, in fact, completely normal. As it turns out, there are a lot of Christians wondering the same things, and at Cardboard, we give you an opportunity to work through these issues with other intelligent young Christian minds. We don’t give you the answers. What we offer is an opportunity and a forum to read and to think about the issues most near to your heart as a college-age Christian.

From interviews with rising Christians artists to discussions about cursing to stories of the homeless and impoverished, Cardboard covers a very wide range of topics. We’d love to discuss them with you.

God bless you,

Tom Westerholm


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